Using a GPS-enabled PDA or mobile phone, artwork selects clips based on location. As the viewer travels, the movie is revealed. The result is a new type of film experience that is tied to the movement of the viewer.

Similar to a game, GPS Film tells stories by exploring an environment… but by taking it off the computer and back into the real world.


  1. The application allows any number of GPS coordinates to be entered so a developer can create story spaces as small as parks or as big as the entire planet.

  2. The movies are also interchangeable and easily matched to any place. By creating this new type of film viewing experience in an open, collaborative way, the artist hopes that both developers and filmmakers will begin to explore the idea even further.

The prototype download is made for Singapore and the installer will set up the application and movie to view “Nine Lives” in the island’s central business district.


Click here to view the Terms and Conditions forthe GPSFIlm Player.
Click here to view the Terms and Conditions forthe GPSFIlm Player Source Code.
Click here to view the Terms and Conditions for Nine Lives - The First GPSFilm.

Installing the player

  1. Copy the file GPSFilmPlayer.CAB to the windows mobile device.
  2. Run the file in the device.
  3. GPSFilm Player is installed.
  4. GPSFilm Player application can be accessed in the 'Start' menu of the device.

Downloading the GPSFilm - Nine Lives

  1. Download the GPSFilm - Nine Lives from above.
  2. Extract the rar/zip file to get Nine Lives folder.
  3. Copy the Nine Lives folder to the Windows mobile device.

Playing a GPSFilm

  1. Open GPSFilm Player application.
  2. Select GPS port of the device (Options -> GPS Port). Default port is set to Port 5.
  3. Open the GPSFilm (extension .gpsf) you want to watch (Options -> Open File) ( for Nine Lives, open 9Lives.gpsf from the Nine Lives folder).

The project was a unique collaboration between Engineering and Art students at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University.

Device and applicatation programming by Computer Engineering students Neha Chachra and Aswath Krishnan.

The movie “Nine Lives” was created by film majors in the university’s School of Art, Design and Media.

Concept and Design by Scott Hessels.

GPS Film was funded by the Singapore Ministry of Education.

The film “Nine Lives” was produced through funding from the Ministry of Education and the Digital Creativity Center at the School of Art, Design and Media with several corporate sponsors assisting with production expenses and needs.