GPS Film is a new way of watching a movie that’s based on the viewer’s location. The system is a new media artwork from Scott Hessels and is released as an open source application that runs on any GPS-enabled mobile phone or PDA.

GPS Film invents a new form of film-viewing experience by using the place and movement of the viewer to reveal the story.

As the viewer travels by walking, bus, or taxi, the movie unfolds by passing through different areas.

By exploring a park, a neighborhood, or even a city or country, GPS Film continually ‘reads’ the location of the viewer and plays scenes that are tied to those places.The more the viewer travels, the more of the film they see.

The first film made specifically for the system, Singaporean filmmaker Kenny Tan's "Nine Lives" is a chase comedy of mistaken identity that unfolds as the viewer explores nine neighborhoods in the island's downtown ..more