the kitchen and living room sets from "The Radar of Small Dogs"

Damaged Californians





Video Art

Airline Safety Film #4a
(1991, 3:36) begins as an antiseptic pre-flight safety instruction and then reels into a darkly comic, psycho-primitive monologue using Damaged Californians trademark handmade sets and eighth-grade-science-fair special effects. "A demented, Dadaist, stream-of-consciousness satire...brilliant!" (high res version)


(2002, various) were 3 experimental interactive films commissioned by the Melbourne International Film Festival. The D-Cals shot the films with no central character and at the screenings in Australia, random audience members were pulled from the theatre and placed in front of a camera in a back room. They were told commands ("jump up and down") and their image was live-mixed with the background films. Completely unaware of what they were acting in, they became the stars of the movie. (hi res version)

The Radar of Small Dogs
(1990, 15:40) is a riot of D-Cal household chemical reactions.  As Rick and Cathy go through an ugly breakup, their apartment goes though the six stages of Darwinian evolution around them--complete with volcanic toasters, tropical television waterfalls, and fossils of haircare products. (hi res version)

Revolutionary War Filmstrip

(1992, 11:30) is another video that pushes metaphor to ridiculous extremes. Using a format so low-tech that we barely remember it from grammar school, the D-Cals rewrote a filmstrip on the Revolutionary War so that the story told between the annoying 'tones' is another war altogether--a bitter, messy relationship in the nineties.

Hillbilly Slid Loudly

(1989, 9:40) completely discredited the American Film and Video winning it. Suburban-tribal, clunky, and organic, to this day it still frightens small children. Hillbilly is a spin, nonsense, a series of cheezy special effects done live, everything homemade without the use of anything mangling a rock video into folk art.