Damaged Californians



Web-based Works

Denver PBS Interview 1987

Alternate Routes
(2002) A commissioned work for the Melbourne International Film Festival, the fest had folks submit their vacation photos and the D-Cals re-wrote the journeys...imagining an alternate route of the travels. The six flash movies have now won several international web design awards.

Your Winning Finish: The Los Angeles Marathon
(2001) A groundbreaking experiment in web video, The D-Cals filmed all 27,000 runners in the Los Angeles Marathon crossing the finishline and immediately uploaded the videos to the web. For the first time, a major marathon not only showed the winner crossing the finishline, but also gave the tens of thousands of non-professional runners a chance to see their own personal winning finish. 

Grammar School Filmstrip
(1993) In the early days of the internet, this D-Cal web design celebrated retro-technology. A sick, twisted piece of grunt cut-and-paste, it was immediately nominated for "Cool Site of the Year" .

The FunGuide
(1997) KCOP Television wanted a fun, LA-style services directory for their website.  Co-produced with the station, the feature was a popular success--filled with smug animation of distinctively So-Cal images.